Chiropractic Center of McAllen

How Does SpineForce Work?

McAllen, TX Chiropractic spine forceOur office is excited to offer the SpineForce system. Spine Force is a groundbreaking technology that works on the Spine from the inside-out (CORE), analyzing, treating, and helping to prevent musculoskeletal diseases while promoting overall health and well-being. SpineForce™ is the only machine in the world capable of stimulating the deep muscles of the spine.

Spine Force is the only machine in the world to three-dimensionally strengthen the core spinal muscles. The oscillating platform identifies weaknesses and/or imbalances in the spine, creating personalized exercise protocols for patients’ specific needs. The protocols work in conjunction with most physician recommendations to strengthen core spinal muscles. This helps the CORE spinal muscles hold the vertebrae in the proper alignment relieving disc and nerve pressure. This can provide immediate, lasting and measurable results. SpineForce™ works up to 180 muscles at once, strengthening the muscle chains, optimizing coordination and stimulating balance and improving posture. It can be applied to almost anyone, regardless of age or physical shape; empowering them to reclaim and maintain their complete bodily homeostasis and achieve optimum health. Spine Force is the perfect partner for spinal manipulation and decompression therapy.